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System protection is handled for you externally, by industry experts,  
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The unique concept
of MyBusiness
In MyBusiness, we believe in a winning combination as part of a CRM Call Center Solution. A powerful system will give independence and quality service to customers. Our system is flexible, comprehensive, intuitive and includes unique tools. Our service and staff takes you all the way from implementation through ongoing activities and gives you independence in managing and adjusting your system to suit your exclusive needs. 
MyBusiness CRM - Professional and
above all user friendly   
Mybusiness CRM is a leading company in the field of CRM for call center solutions. The company has been operating for the past decade with great success. With tens of thousands of satisfied users, who work with the system daily. Thanks to the simplicity and usability of Mybusiness CRM, customers love this solution. Mybusiness has also founded Simbla website creation software for customers who are searching for CRM and website integration.

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Mybusiness CRM for Service & Inbound Call Centers

Mybusiness CRM's vast experience with inbound call centers along with its dedicated tools are two key factors in our success as a CRM platform for call centers. Mybusiness CRM provides both time and cost effective implementation, and much more. Our customers remain independent without outside assistance by using Mybusiness websuite. Mybusiness CRM offers multi-channel framework - easy interfacing with telephony & Call Center solutions, advanced incoming & outgoing email tools, portal services, fax to case and real integration with web site. Mybusiness CRM call center tools give you:  Advanced workflow, Advanced SLA Management, Internal BI, Internal knowledge management And more.


Mybusiness CRM for Marketing & Outbound Call Centers 

MyBusiness CRM Marketing module allows marketing campaigns in multiple channels.
- Outgoing calls campaign - if it is telemarketing or telemeeting, Mybusiness CRM will let you to wisely allocate leads to your agents or sales representatives. Connecting to your Call Center solution has never been easier. 
- Web campaigns - Mybusiness CRM enables you to create landing pages/websites which redirect your leads directly into the CRM.
Mail campaign - using Mybusiness CRM you can easily define your population and start mailing them as a part of your campaign. 


Customer Relationship Management 

MyBusiness Crm includes all required capabilites for customer relationship management, sales and customer service. As a CRM solution for an office or as part of a Call Center Solution, MYbusiness-CRM is used every day by tens of thousands of users all over the world from various business sectors, such as high-tech companies, personnel firms, webmasters, insurance companies, financial institutions, media organizations, consulting firms and more. Our product is very intuitive and flexible, and allows any organization to easily adapt it, according to its unique needs. 
"The implementation of the MyBusiness platform made many facets of my working life much easier - decision-making, sales , analyzing project profitability, monitoring employees and departments. We have no doubt that our money has been very well spent"
Jane Mayer, CEO, Emaze Consultants


Established in 2005, by Syrinx Technologies LTD, Mybusiness provides cutting edge, cloud based CRM .Created by a veteran team of SaaS specialist from the CRM software arena. The MyBusiness offering is geared towards businesses looking for a solution at the highest level. Our top-tier customer-base includes clients from wide ranging fields of commerce, including industry, services and hi-tech


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